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Making video's is a big part of my daily job, the video editing part i like the most. I cannot watch the TV show TopGear or a movie without learning new edit-tricks , subtitles or sound effects in which i will use myself in future video projects. To get the viewer as close as possible into what i want to show with the video is the layer where i start. Sound-design & Music is always is an important part in my video's, as being a sound-engineer i always take to much time to get that part just perfect. Besides my professional video's i also record and edit for my own video’s, video’s for Viagens e Videos and video's for my wife ( Namaskar Yoga ) … with the same passion :) I started with Apple Final Cut Pro with version 1 till version 7 and since 2013 i am editing also on FCPX. Last few years a use als CapCut and Lumafusion on my iPad and i start to experiment with Davinci Resolve. For the audio part i am a fan of Amadeus and iZoptope RX Advanced, the photoshop for audio! And i am a big supporter of Pixelmator editing graphics.
I edit with FCPX , Motion and Logic

Years ago i even appeared in the finals of the 'Curta Santos' short-movie festival in Santos with a documentary named 'Ilha Diana, Wo are we, And where are we' in which i made with Adriana. I work with several programs and computers (mostly Apple) and even an iPad and iPhone With the edit software Final Cut Pro and Motion 5 i finalize these edits with a great result. Check the video's in the YouTube playlist and links below.