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The beat of life

There's only one name for adventure: Schapie

The beat of life

Past months Adriana, Schapie and i had to go to some places where they 'scan' Schapie. Import to see and check if all is OK with this little one. In the first 2 scans i was impressed about what the doctor can see already, the health, the measures, if all 'parts' are there and in the right place. Amazing !! But me as an amateur seen some pictures what must be our Schapie, to reconize you have to have more experienced in these kind of early stage pictures. It is special to see that Schapie is growing rapidly now. We can not only see that at the scans, we just have to look at Adriana (sorry my love,i just want to say you are still as beautiful as always) . Schapie is 1 Kg now. In one of the scans Schapie has it's thumb in it's mounth…. just so amazing to see that…. how can be??? Look at the picture below… i can reconize that :)

Schapie , 24 week wise - Santos, Brazil
Schapie , 24 week wise - Santos, Brazil

For me as a sound engineer, sound is very important. No sound… no job ;) At the last scan they let us hear& see the heartbeat of our little Schapie. That made me …. quiet . Some of you know me.. i am never quiet, but when i heard this sound, it was the sound that made life i thought.

As a sound engineer looking at the amplitude and frequency of the heartbeat i could see Schapie was very healthy , a good and stable heartbeat. The beat of life.
So… i made a second trailer of Schapie, especially for my Adriana. Watch it here:

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nb: the movie will launch somewhere in july…. put it in your agenda!

Mega Imagem Santos
Namaskar Yoga
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