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Pizza René

Best Pizza in the world
A very small pizzaria in Santos, Brazil managed to let me say this.

Pizza Barão.

I did eat pizza's all over the world… even at the source itselfs … Italy. Since i live in Brazil (since 3 years full time) i am amazed about the pizza's here. The quality is just outstanding good. My thoughts about this are that it is because of the local made cheese, the local grown tomatos and the sun combined with the knowledge they got from the italian immigrants. These italian immigrants has settled very well in Brazil in which shows of all the Italian restaurants, pizzaria's & pasta shops all over Brazil. The Italian food is very popular in this country.

These european immigrants also invented something else here, something really special… it is a sausage called Linguiça Calabresa. The name Calabresa is taken from an area in Italy called Calabria.

video about Calabria:

When i tasted that Calabresa-sausage for the first time i was amazed about the great taste of it. Of course i did eat other types of very good sausages in other parts of the world like from The Netherlands (Rook worst & Grillworst .. van Jan)… you can wake me up for those……….. and from Germany the Brätwurst. All very good sausages indeed… but no one can beat the Calabresa from Brazil.

Pizza Barão

Everytime i order pizza, i asked for… Pizza Calabresa. After some months my wife Adriana asked me if i was not bored in asking every time the same pizza. I explained i did not have this Calabresa in the first 40 years of my life (in which i lived in the Netherlands), so i will eat it in the last 60 years for sure… i have to catch up :) But of course she convinced me one time to ask another type of pizza next time. I asked for a Pizza with cheese, tomato and garlic. And….. i liked it… but it did not beat the Pizza Calabresa. Than i thought, let's combine a Pizza Calebrasa with The Pizza Garlic. The 'Pizza René' was born.

Pizza Barão Santos
I mostly ordered this pizza at a little pizzaria near my house. Pizza Barão. A very simple place, but this pizza chef knows how to make a very good pizza.

The chef at Barão got the pizza balanced, we enjoyed it every time like a great experience. And not only the Calabresa Pizza, the vegetarian one for Adriana was also awesome. After some time we tried a pizza at some other places in Santos, like the famous van Gogh and Cantina Liliana…. both are very respected about their pizza's. But both Adriana and i were every time convinced….. they were not beating this little pizzaria.

The little restaurant also became a meeting place with some co-workers of my company Connecting Media in Santos. We all liked it very much!

Aluga :(

And this week i discovered it is all over. My little Pizzaria is no more. On their location was a little 'for rent' sign on the wall. No more pizza René. The name of this little pizzaria was Barão. located 100 meters from my apartment in Santos. It was very small and simple, but it was a place were some people worked very hard…. delivering quality food to their clients. One time i celebrated my birthday there, i will never forget it.. it was special…. they were special.

Pizza Barão
I do not know why they closed down so sudden, because business was good. Adriana thinks it is because they did not have the right papers to run their own business, and they were closed down by the (new) local government because they did to have enough money to pay for this licence.

I think this is sad. I know they have to have this license, but…….. I also think these micro companies deserve a chance, even when they do something wrong.

Why? because the try to deliver quality to their clients…. and that is already very special and very unique in a world where it is about money and profit. Most of them forget to deliver quality for their clients!

Pizza Barão
Barão Pizza is no more.

I want to thank the people from Pizza Barão to give me this great remember of the best Pizza in the world! To keep the story up a pay some respect for those hard working people i will now rename the Pizza René into a Pizza Barão. When you order a pizza it in any Pizzaria in the world asked for the following: Pizza Calabrasa with Cheese, Onion and fright Garlic… Ask for a Pizza Barão.


Pizza Barão


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