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Daddy cool

There's only one name for adventure: Schapie

The news is out,
I will become a father next july. Before you read more ..... put your sound on... LOUD!!! , start the YouTube video below an read the rest of my story:

I am very proud of becoming a father, and very happy that i can start this new adventure in my already adventure filled life. Becoming a father is easy, becoming a good father is something different. I am lucky that i have, and have had all these good father examples around me, so when i use all of them as a wire to follow besides my own feelings, ideas and experiences i think i will be a good one. For sure i do my best for it for the next 53 years at least., my aim is becoming the age of 100 years wise ;)

Schapie , 7 week wise - Santos, Brazil
Schapie , 7 week wise - Santos, Brazil

My child will be born in Brazil, a very good place to be born. We choose already names for both options. My wife Adriana want to know in front if it will be a boy or girl ... but not me, i want to have a big surprise. To keep this information from me will be a huge task for Adriana. Because it is for me unknow wat the sex will be... i choose a temporary name for him/her .


This was the nickname my father gave me when i was little.... it means something like 'little Schaap'.

Adriana and Schapie are now in India for some yoga courses, i am not kidding... Schapie is doing it's first travels already, first Dubai from there to India. Tasting another country. Listening different languages.. which also in his future will be a daily happening. Portuguese, English & Dutch, i hope Schapie is better in learning portuguese than me ;) When the both are back in Brazil i will prepare 'being a father' together with my Adriana.. doing some courses with her at Namaskar Yoga Santos.... building the baby place .. buying baby stuff.

I will be ready to be Daddy Cool for sure :)
To celebrate Schapie i made a first Trailer video of Schapie, watch it here:

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nb: the movie will launch somewhere in july.

Mega Imagem Santos
Namaskar Yoga
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