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My site, finaly

I had this idea already for some years, a small website about me, my world, my family, my work, my hobbies, politics and my ideas, about anything and everything. I could also do this by facebook or another social network, but there the information stream is just too fast. With a lot of people in your social media timelines you can hardly catch up. And, what if facebook stops? all your social information will maybe be gone! So my idea is just to write 'slow articles' and keep this info available for anyone who wants to read it. As long as possible and needed.

The idea
Sometimes i just need so share my thoughts, irritations (mostly politics), surprices, work and life with my wife, my family & friends ..and the rest of the world, just because it is so easy nowadays.
The internet makes a writer and publisher of us all, no borders, no one to stop me (they will try but will not succeed :) ).
Besides that, my family and friends live all over the globe, is is another way to just keep in touch with them.
I think.. no.. i know for sure that i will not post articles here on a regular basis, i am just to busy in my companies for that. But i will do my best.
Some more pages will be added next coming period, about my professional live, photo & video and more stuff that i like.... now just the basics.

Social links
On top of this website you can also find some buttons to my social-media channels, if you want to follow me, Like me or put me in your circle feel free to do so.


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