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A Dutch Alien in Brazil - part 03

A Dutch Alien in Brazil - part 03,
I write the following because i feel i have to… These Dutch Alien in Brazil series are all my personal experiences and feelings of my life in Brazil.

Learning a lot past 6 months with my growing up daughter, my new city Socorro and being very busy with my company Connecting Media, so not too much time for my Blog.
But here a short entry because of something funny that happened last week.
I learned in practice that Brazilians do not like to be criticized about their country Brazil by foreigners, they are very sensible for that.
Even when this foreigners are not ment to criticise , a lot of Brazilians will take it that way.
So… i transferred my so called criticism into a 'question' … i did not criticise.. i asked a question on a Facebook page for Dutch people in Brazil.

facebookpage Nederlanders in Brazilië door  Karen Milou

My question was why some Brazilians make so much unnessacerry amount of sound. You know, i just want to learn about habits, culture and such to understand my surrounding better. And… what happened … some Brazilians in that group were 'upset' about my question. My question and the reaction were also caught attention by Sandra Kortjens, a dutch journalist for Latin America and she wrote an article about what happened. It is in dutch but feel free to copy/past the link it to GoogleTranslate.

Klagen mag , door Sandra Korstjens - RTL Nieuws

And the following is for all my Brazilians friends and family: Foreigners, Gringos, Gringas or whatever you want to call us… who live in Brazil do not complain about Brazil or it's people most of the time. They are living here and of course compare it with 'where the lived before' . they can… they did live somewhere else. So, put your thought in this:

They do not complain …. They talk about what they miss.

Next time when you read or here a foreigner complain… think just that he/she misses sometimes things and people that they were used to have or be with before because ….

RTL Nieuws
Google Translate
Nederlanders in Brazilië
Sandra Korstjens

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